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80 years and still going strong!  - An important anniversary for the Quality Certification Mark for Professional Textile Services

People who are 80 years old are often said to have reached old age. This is far from the case for the Quality Certification Mark for Professional Textile Services: it can look back over 80 successful years and has not lost any of its edge during this time.   More...

Topic area: Textile care and -service | 787-EN

Fresh momentum for members and customers  - Dr Timo Hammer is the new Managing Director of the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services.

With effect from 7 February 2018, Dr Timo Hammer has become the new Managing Director of the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services. As a member of the management board, Dr Hammer also has parallel responsibility for the Life Science & Care department at the Hohenstein Group, which covers the subject areas of clothing physiology, biomedicine, research, hygiene and laundry.   More...

Topic area: General, Textile care and -service | 778-EN

New processes for cleaning high-visibility clothing to maintain its value and functionality over extended time periods  - A new research project at the Hohenstein Group aims to develop product- and application-specific reference cleaning processes for high-visibility clothing. Eventually, textile service companies can use the results as a basis to optimize their own methods.

Employees in many industries are protected from possible hazards by wearing high-visibility clothing during their activities. One important example are people working on roads or railway tracks. However, during the work, the high-visibility clothing can become contaminated by, for example bitumen, tar or buffer grease. This contamination reduces the warning effect of the high-visibility clothing. The safety-relevant areas with sufficient visibility of the background material as well as the reflective stripes are reduced in size. This fact may represent a significant safety risk for the employee wearing such clothing.   More...

Topic area: Textile care and -service | 759-EN

New test method developed for hand disinfection  - 

Every year World Hand Hygiene Day on 5 May reminds us how important effective hand disinfection is to prevent infection. Hohenstein Institut für Textilinnovation gGmbH joined forces with Labor Dr. Merk & Kollegen GmbH to focus on the issue of hand disinfection on a project under the ZIM programme (Central Innovation Programme for SMEs). The aim of this project was to develop a new model for testing hand disinfectants under realistic conditions of use.   More...

Topic area: Hygiene, Environment & Medicine, Textile care and -service | 740-EN

UV-C disinfection in commercial laundries: benefits and risks  - 

UV-C disinfection is a technology that has been used for decades to remove bacteria from water, surfaces and air. Its good biological effectiveness against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses is well proven – but the risks to humans are also well known. How can this method be used as an additional kind of disinfection in commercial laundries? What are the best places and purposes to choose for its application? What measures need to be taken to protect workers? Here we give answers to some of the main questions.   More...

Topic area: Textile care and -service | 727-EN