As a strong community of quality-conscious textile service companies, we are committed to taking responsibility for the economy, the environment, and the community around us. We set stringent hygiene and quality standards that contribute to moving the industry forward while making it more sustainable.

Our member companies work according to the standards of the RAL Quality Marks, which are based on the latest scientific research. Our exacting requirements with regard to professional quality assurance for state-of-the-art professional services are the cornerstone of the trust placed in our members by customers in the healthcare, hospitality, commercial, industrial, and public sectors. Together with our member companies, we play an active role in shaping the economy by combining responsible business practices, innovative thinking, and many years of industry expertise. We are both a service provider and a partner to our member companies. We give them targeted assistance with demand-based services, provide technical advice, represent their interests in the public discourse, and offer networking opportunities. With our solution expertise, we are a sought-after collaboration partner and point of contact on both the domestic and international levels. In all our business relationships, we act with professionalism, transparency, and a spirit of partnership and mutual trust.