Quality Assurance - a Clear Advantage

Our member companies do an outstanding job. Whether they work for customers from industry and trade, hotels and catering, food processing companies or healthcare, everyone benefits from the real added value provided by their comprehensive range of services.

Textile services of the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services

The member businesses of the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services meet the highest standards for their customers in all kinds of sectors such as hotels and catering businesses, healthcare, food processing, industry and manual work.

Compliance with the strict requirements of the RAL Quality Certification Mark is monitored regularly by the independent Textile Research Centre by Hohenstein. Qualified staff and the latest machinery guarantee not only outstanding quality but also extremely efficient and environmentally-friendly textile processing in compliance with all the relevant standards for the particular area of application.

As an additional service, these laundries offer leasing of textiles of all kinds. Here too, the highest standards are met in terms of quality, value for money, logistics and service, all in the interests of the customer.

In addition to washing, drying and applying finishing treatments to the laundry, repairs are part of the standard service provided by members of the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services.

Customer benefits, especially in leasing (laundry / workwear)


  • Your textile is in perfect condition at all times
  • All relevant legislation and regulations are taken into account even when the clothing is being selected

Customer benefit

  • No more high initial investment costs and corresponding capital outlay
  • No more hard-to-calculate secondary expenses (replacing, cleaning and repairing the clothing)
  • Customised and cost-transparent payment systems
  • The leasing charge provides a firm basis for calculations


  • Nothing to spend on logistics
  • Reduced storage area required
  • Laundry is delivered
  • Just-in-time service
  • Computer-aided procedures control incoming and outgoing deliveries
  • Transport systems such as containers and trolleys are all provided


  • Flexibility regarding changes of staff or clothing size
  • Customised solutions, depending on the sector and size of company