Food Processing Business - Safety for All

Alongside food producers, retailers and large-scale catering establishments, the kitchens of the restaurant industry are another area where the legal regulations for linen from food processing businesses apply. Our member companies also provide hygienic and economical textile treatment services in these sectors.


As well as food producers, retailers and catering chains, the areas in which the standards applying to linen from food processing businesses must be observed also include the kitchens of restaurant businesses.

The commercial laundries organised into the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services handle linen from food processing businesses in compliance with the requirements of the RAL-GZ 992/3 RAL Quality Certification Mark. This system of quality assurance, monitored by Hohenstein, complies with all legal requirements and, by validating the processes, also guarantees that the linen will be handled professionally and hygienically.

As well as providing textile care that is hygienically impeccable and good value for money, the laundries also offer attractive leasing services for the following textiles:

Leasing Services

  • Kitchen staff uniforms
  • Food retailers' uniforms
  • Uniforms worn in food processing companies
  • Kitchen linen
  • Tea towels