RAL Quality Certification Mark RAL-GZ 992 – More than a Certificate

Assured hygiene, the highest quality and consistent process reliability are perennial issues for textile care companies. German Certification Association member companies benefit from the RAL Mark 992 system because they also meet the highest requirements of their customers.  

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RAL Quality Certification Mark RAL-GZ 992 safety through professional laundry service

The 1953, German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services has been an organisation for commercial laundries which have particularly committed themselves to maintaining high quality standards with regard to their services. Membership in the German Certification Association and participation in its monitoring system are the requirements for obtaining one of the coveted RAL-GZ 992 quality marks for professional textile services.

The members of the German Certification Association meet the highest standards for their customers from many different sectors. Highly qualified employees and modern equipment guarantee outstanding quality as well as extremely efficient and environmentally-friendly textile processing in accordance with all normative standards for the relevant areas of application. Compliance with the strict RAL quality certification requirements is regularly monitored by the independent and internationally renowned textile testing service provider and research partner HOHENSTEIN in Bönnigheim. All RAL certified laundries have a highly efficient self monitoring system which is regularly checked on site to ensure that it is up-to-date and applied correctly. Obligatory further training for employees ensures that technological advances are properly implemented.