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“The certification is a showpiece for our company and, together with the high and stable quality of our service, forms an inseparable unit for our customers.”
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“Due to the increased use of rented textiles, the German Certification Association is very important for us with regard to controlling or improving operational processes. This is particularly apparent in the improved life cycle of the textiles and also contributes to the optimised use of chemicals and energy.”
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“Our quality guarantee is our top priority. At Hesse, we achieve our high textile care quality thanks to our technically proficient team. The German Certification Association provides us with current scientific information, training offerings and is a solution-focussed discussion partner at a high level.”
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“The certification mark is important for me because it helps me to a provide high quality service to the market and to act in a legally compliant manner at all times. The monitoring system enables me to act economically and optimise the service life of our textiles.”
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“I am committed to ensuring that the German Certification Association remains a strong common interest for facilities with high quality demands and that the views of all members are represented in the Board.”
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“For around 15 years I have been an active member of the Board and the Quality Control Committee of the German Certification Association. I do this with conviction and with the goal of making the certification and the German Certification Association attractive for our laundry facilities. For me personally, the work in the committees is not a chore; rather, it helps to me to manage my daily work in a more economical and successful way.”
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“The skills shortage does not just affect the top levels of management; it starts right at the bottom. To put it in plain language: All employees working in receipt of soiled linen must know that more than just removing persistent dirt from the linen, this dirt has to be removed and the linen disinfected in such a way that pathogens have no chance.”

Board of directors

Holger Grossmann

T-TEX Textile Dienste & Mietwäscheservice GmbH
Blumenthaler Straße Ausbau
17358 Torgelow

Andreas Popp
Vice chairman

Textilpflege Mayer GmbH
Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 14
77656 Offenburg

Ellen Petow

Hesse GmbH
Imbser Weg 5
37127 Dransfeld

Wolfgang Kabus

Textilpflege Kabus GmbH
Talstraße 1
88348 Bad Saulgau

René Dauer

Busch Textilservice GmbH & Co. KG
Am Kaisergarten 11
55483 Bärenbach

Carsten Börs
Chairman Quality Board

Meyer GmbH & Co. KG Wäscherei
Münsterstraße 37
49186 Bad Iburg

Valentin Bohnet

Wäscherei Bohnet GmbH
Franzenhauserweg 6
89081 Ulm

Eric Schön

Textil-Service Ilse GmbH
76530 Baden-Baden

Nic Reimann

Ring-Textilservice GmbH
71336 Waiblingen-Hohenacker