Workwear in Food Processing Businesses - Heavy Hygiene Requirements

The requirements for workwear in food companies are high: hygiene safety, wear comfort and treatment throughout the entire service life are vital.

DIN 10524

Since May 2004, the hygiene requirements for working clothes in the food processing industry and also the wear comfort requirements have been defined and made mandatory in the form of the DIN 10524 standard "Food hygiene - Work wear in food business".

Of course, working clothes worn in food processing businesses have to be able to meet the hygiene standards for their entire service life. That is why, according to DIN 10524, textiles must be capable of being treated in the conditions of a commercial laundry, i.e. washed, disinfected and given a finishing treatment.

Those laundries which have the right to endorse their services with the RAL-GZ 992/3 RAL Quality Certification Mark for Linen from Food Processing Businesses comply with the necessary hygiene standards as defined in DIN 10524.