Legal Framework - Always on the Safe Side

The RAL quality assurance system includes unique features that fundamentally differentiate it from any other marking system. It is an intentionally autonomous, self-contained system organised under private law and has a quality level set through quality and test regulations based on applicable legal provisions.

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Legal framework

An important element of quality assurance is to monitor quality standards through continuous inspection. RAL-GZ 992 is based on German and European laws, acts and directives.

It is the responsibility of each company to comply with national and local regulations in other countries.

Quality Assurance RAL-GZ 992

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These quality and test regulations RAL-GZ 992 have been jointly compiled by the RAL Deutsches Intitut

für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V., the specialists and groups of market participants concerned

and the appropriate authorities within the bounds of the principles for quality marks, using a reconized


Bonn, January 2022