Healthcare - Full Oversight

Our member companies support many healthcare institutions, including hospitals, care homes, retirement homes, rehabilitation clinics and sanatoriums, as well as spas and wellness providers, who are constantly faced with special challenges. In these areas, the fulfilment of safety-related normative requirements and a consistent costing basis are of primary importance for greater planning reliability.  


The German Certification Association's members also provide services in relation to nearly all the textiles used by healthcare institutions such as hospitals, care homes, old people's homes, rehabilitation clinics and sanatoria, as well as spas and wellness providers:


  • Ward linen
  • Special-purpose clothing
  • Residents' clothing in old people's and care homes
  • Operating theatre textiles (sheets, gowns, abdominal bandages)
  • Bedsore prevention aids
  • Incontinence aids
  • Foam adhesive strips
  • Anti-thrombosis stockings
  • Compression stockings
  • Fire-resistant bedding for psychiatric wards and old people's homes
  • Textiles for the emergency services

Linen processed by the German Certification Association's member companies complies with the requirements of the RAL Quality Certification Mark for Healthcare Linen, RAL-GZ 992/2, and all other standards. The leasing service also offers any customers who are interested an opportunity to make savings, because there is no initial cost for purchasing the textiles.

In addition, the monthly hire charge forms a consistent basis for calculating costs, resulting in greater security in planning.