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Sponsoring members - Behind-the-Scenes Supporters

Our sponsoring members support us in many ways. We work together with our specialist partners from companies, associations and organisations to pursue the same goals. It is important to us all that the aims and purposes of the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services are implemented in the optimum way and promoted as effectively as possible. Of course, we also provide our sponsoring members with many tangible benefits in return.

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Sponsoring membershipment for partners of RAL certified laundries

Companies, associations and organisations can become sponsoring members of the German Certification Association if they have an interest in ensuring that the aims and objectives of the Association are met and supported, especially in the field of applied practical research relevant to RAL Quality Certification Marks.

The duties of sponsoring members with the above status are to serve as technical partners for the management team and the test centre and to make an annual financial contribution.

In addition to the support with ideas, the benefits for sponsoring members come in the form of a number of extra opportunities.

  • Direct personal contact to the Hohenstein experts and therefore the opportunity for more intensive exchange of ideas
  • Access to the exclusive information pool of the Certification Association (Expert information, Facts & Trends, market development, further education, etc.)
  • Discounted participation at the annual conference of the Certification Association. 
  • Exclusive access as exhibitor at the annual conference of the Certification Association.
  • Discount on selected tests and analyses carried out by Hohenstein.
  • Inclusion in the members‘ address list of the Certification Association (published in the folder of the annual conference).
  • Mention on the websites www.waeschereien.de and www.ral-laundry.com with search function and possibility to set up a link to your company‘s website.

You can request information about becoming a sponsoring member with no obligation here.